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Johan Vosloo


Having studied graphic design and 3D animation upon returning from from a working holiday in England after finishing high school, the power of the picture had made its impact. Always interested and inspired by the visual side of life, Johan Vosloo was pushed into the world of photography by a friend. He has been involved in a variety of projects, and has been featured in local South African publications, as well as Taipei Times, The China Post, and “My latest work is focused more on night life and event photography, but I will shoot anything.” Johan currently resides in Taichung, Taiwan.

高中畢業之後去了英國打工遊學, 從英國回來後攻讀平面設記跟3D動畫。Johan Vosloo會接觸攝影是因為他的一位朋友,對於來自生活的視覺方面的力量很感興趣並得到很多靈感。Johan參與了很多攝影項目他的照片在南非刊物發表過、台灣的Taipei Times、The China Post跟 Waakao.com網站。Johan現在住在台灣台中他說:我近期的作品專注在夜生活攝影與活動攝影,但是各種種類攝影我也會嘗試。